Our Services


+ Consultation

We identify your aspirations and objectives for your building or site. From there we develop an initial project brief. We advise on government and local planning policy, information required prior to commencement of the design. We also advise on other consultants that may be required for the project.

Following this we would undertake a feasibility study to test those aims against the multitude of constraints that will affect a building project.


+ Feasibility study

Following initial consultation and identification of your brief we produce a basic architectural scheme to test the constraints of the site physically within its context.

We also adhere to the relevant requirements set out in the government planning policy at a local and national level. We produce various sketch options on a sliding scale of risk or cost so that you can make an informed decision on how you wish to proceed towards a planning application.

Depending upon the complexity and magnitude of this task, we may be able to provide this study for free. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can advise you.

Pre-planning advice

+ Pre-planning advice

This optional stage in a project is particularly useful for larger schemes or sites with complex issues, but is also beneficial for all types and size projects. The early stages of a design can be submitted to the local authority for a reasonable fee, which will be followed by a meeting with the planners to discuss the project in relation to planning policy. Usually you receive a written response that is really useful to fully develop the scheme or confirm the agreed strategy going forward.

We have a wealth of experience in presenting such information to acquire a constructive response from planners, so that the optimum design is progressed.

Planning application

+ Planning application

We have a proven track record with successful planning applications in London and the southeast. The planning process can be confusing for the novice but we have over 25 years of experience in dealing with the evolving policies and satisfying the targets at local and national level.

We produce all drawn information, together with co-coordinating the various reports that may be required.

At this stage we always aim to produce a design that can be realistically constructed and follows all current Building Control legislation as well as other relevant requirements, such as Lifetime Homes Standards or housing association requirements. This helps to avoid any issues which could compromise the initial design aspirations for the building.

Working drawings

+ Working drawings

We have a dedicated technical department that can work up Forge planning approvals, as well as existing approved schemes produced by other architects.

We pride ourselves on the rigor required to produce clear information that is cost effective and not precious, yet maintains an excellent level of design and finish.

Before instruction, we agree the program and the level of information required for the contractor or client to finish the building on time and within budget.

Building control

+ Building control

Once construction begins, we work to an agreed programme to produce further information and make site visits to aid the construction of the project. We have a wealth of knowledge and confidence to discuss all construction elements with the on-site team and quickly resolve any issues that may arise. We also work in close collaboration with the other consultants to co-ordinate their drawing information with our own, ensuring a smooth and time controlled construction process.

We see projects through to completion and pride ourselves on delivering buildings that meet all expectations of the client.