We have been featured in Southwark Business Today


We have been featured in the September issue of Southwark Business Today! Principal Tim Wood looks back at the 25 years in business since setting up Forge Architects in 1993.

“There’s a great ‘can-do’ spirit here which stems from giving back, listening to clients and stakeholders and generally enjoying the process. We make sure that the day to day routine is fun.”

What’s in the name?

The name Forge was taken from ‘Suthwerk’ Forge property where our founder Tim Wood used to live. The building started life as a tanners, but was taken over in the 1860 by a dyslexic Blacksmith called Burkett, hence the misspelling in Southwark.

The next 25 years

“I’m looking forward to a greater degree of employee ownership. They are the legacy. My job is making sure that they are growing individually so that they can take on the responsibility of running the business.” - Tim Wood

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